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We attended Artifex Creative Photography Studio Grand Opening on 3 May 2019 and both the event, and definitely the studio, exceeded our expectations.

Artifex, which mean creative in French started after Chrissy Bruwer and her husband moved to Cape Town. Chrissy’s mother-in-law noticed Chrissy’s creative eye and sent her on a photography course. After signing with Daddy’s Deals Artifex Creative Photography’s client base grew immensely and the business took off from there.

Artifex Creative Photography Studio is also home to Henriëtte Borcherds Stationary, with her stunning display of her exquisite stationary designs, it added a harmonizing depth to the studio.

We got a chance to speak both to Chrissy and Henriette towards the end of the evening, to find more about the studio and how they met.

They met at the 2018 FAB Bridal Expo at De Aria when Henriette noticed Chrissy and her work. After the expo the two met-up for coffee and a beautiful friendship as well as partnership was born.

It turned out that Henriette had attended the same photography academy where Chrissy went for her photography training and soon Henriette started shooting as Chrissy’s second shooter.

They also found that each other’s strengths complement each other’s weaknesses handsomely, solidifying a strong business partnership and Henriette’s help was essential with pulling together all the small creative ideas Chrissy had for the studio.

We loved keeping an eye on the Artifex Creative Photography Studio Grand Opening event created on Facebook, they created an excitement and anticipation for the day, and as we mentioned, they did not disappoint.

Walking into Heritage Square Apartments, Durbanville in Cape Town, we found our way to the studio doors, with stunning lights hanging next to their window display of photos we knew we were at the right place.

They had a coffee station and relaxing lounge area ready to welcome us in and looking through the window above the coffee station we could see where clients would get dress, and have their hair and make-up done.

In the corner was Chrissy’s stunning variety of dresses on display next to Henriette’s exhibition shelves of magnificent stationary sets that led the eye perfectly to a spectacular cake by Cuppa-Cakes by Michelle underneath Artifex Creative Photography Studio’s logo that was hanging next to the studio room’s door.

We have visited many photographers in the past at their studios, but this was such a treat, the ample space, furniture, variety of pillows, blankets and fabrics as well as the additional photography accessories was a feast for the eyes. Taking the time to walk through the space and speaking with both Chrissy and Henriette makes is easy for us to understand why Artifex Creative Photography Studio produces the high quality images they do.

They are a dynamic partnership that complements each other beautifully and within seconds of speaking to ether of them, they make you feel comfortable and empowered.

Chrissy has a heart for women, to make her feel beautiful and valued, walking into her studio she will make you feel like the most important client she has, giving you a total photo-ready hair and make-up makeover making you feel perfect just as you are.

We will definitely recommend Artifex Creative Photography Studio for any photoshoot; they are the type of photographers that will walk a road with you, from your engagement, bridal shower and wedding shoots to pregnancy, baby shower and family shoots all the way to business and product shoots.

We also had some time to speak with Henriëtte about the road she took to go from photographer to stationary to finding a harmonious balance in her passion for creativity and beauty.

After finishing her studies as a photographer, she took some time to travel and after returning she wanted to add something to complement her photography business. Thus she studied graphic design and started with general business branding while helping out friends here and there with their wedding stationary.

When she got engaged she was the epitome of the DIY bride, a girl after our own heart, and took to designing her own stationary including the manufacturing. This opened up a new world of creativity, giving her the opportunity to look ahead at new and exciting wedding trends.

She loved bringing Perspex stationary alive in 2018, this year she is enjoying the pleasure of introducing wax and stamp sets to her clients and is looking forward to what 2020 will hold for the stationary industry.

And now, after partnering with Chrissy both Artifex Creative Photography Studio and Henriëtte Borcherds Stationary are looking ahead, ready to pull up their sleeves and work with clients, to bring their clients’ dream into reality through breath-taking pieces of art.

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This is NOT a sponsored article, Bridelise attended the grand opening of Artifex Creative Photography Studio without coercion and/or payment from ether Artifex Creative Photography Studio or Henriëtte Borcherds Stationary. The opinions in this article is just that, opinions, and should not by any means be the only reason why you do or do not use a specific vendor. Always take more than one person’s opinion into confederation before making final decisions.

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