We attended the FAB Bridal Expo last weekend at Venue D’Aria in Durbanville, Western Cape, South Africa. As one of the longest running bridal expos in the Western Cape we had high expectation and I must say; we were not disappointed.

Our entry fee was R80 per tickets which gave us access to the bridal expo from 09:00 the morning until 16:30 on Saturday, and included all three bridal fashion shows held throughout the day.

Driving from Worcester, it was about 90km and took approximately an hour’s drive. As we approached the area where Venue D’Aria is situated we were greeted with stunning scenes of country-sides filled with vineyards in the foreground and mountains and open sky in the background.

Turning into the venue we were greeted by security that gave us clear directions to the parking area and we drove past a few car park assistances that guided us to save and secure parking behind the venue. It was a lovely sunny day and walking down to the registration desk at the venue contributed to the build of excitement for the day.

With a cocktail bar at the entrance and wedding gowns on displace we knew we were in for a fab day. Registration was a breeze, one of the expos where we received our tickets, stamps and goody bags the fastest and was assisted with friendly and helpful staff. The goody bag had an issue of the Wedding Album in along with some of the wedding vendors’ brochures and business cards.

We had arrived just after 10:00, before walking through the stands we decided to get good seats for the first fashion show of the day that started at 11:00, and we were glad we did. Seats filled up fast and by the time the show started people where already standing behind and around the seated area to get a glimpse of the stunning gowns they knew would be coming down the runway. While we waited we enjoyed live music and the excitement and anticipation that were building in the air around us.

The show started with a greeting from the MC along with a few words about the bridal expo and then the first model took to the stage. Unfortunately photos and videos where not allowed during the fashion show, Artifex Creative Photography was the official bridal expo photographer and we would encourage all our readers to visit their social media accounts as we the FAB Bridal Expo’s Facebook page to see when the photos of this year’s expo is posted.

Every dress that walked down the runway was stunning in its own right and the designers who attended the expo showcased their talent and creativity through their selection of wedding gowns perfectly. It didn’t matter if your style was soft and romantic or elegant with clean lines, there was a dress for you!

They did not showcase any suits, for women or men, and I can’t help to feel that the grooms in the audience was left wondering what they would where next to their stunning brides on the their wedding day.

They did however have the cutest flower girls and one tiny little man, a young ring bearer, walking the runway that had all eyes on them when they took to the stage. The flower girl dresses made the girls feel like little princesses, that anyone watching them could see and the selection ranged from modern and stylish all the way to big, bold and absolutely gorgeous! The ring bearer walked out with the courage of a mouse, and while he was in his own world, he looked on point in his outfit that included bare feet and suspenders.

Once the last model walked it was time for prizes and with a good selection of lucky draws everyone felt like they had a chance to walk away a winner.

After the last prize was given for the first show and the last thank you to sponsors was made, it was time to draw our attention to the wide variety of wedding vendors that was exhibiting.

We started with the stands on the outside of the venue first and although the flow of people made it difficult at times to get in front of every stand, we managed to at least quickly speak to almost every vendor outside. The outside stands led to a lounge area where a mouth-watering range of food and beverages where available for sale and plush furniture stood in between tables and chairs. Next to the lounge area expo guests where relaxing on the grass amongst more tables and chairs.

As we started at the stage area for the fashion show, we walked through the first half of the outside stands, through the lounge and grass area, back to the second half of the outside expo stands and finally, back to the stage area where by now live background music was playing again.

From there we made our way into the venue itself where the bulk of wedding vendors were exhibiting. As we made our way through the variety of wedding vendors we met some amazing vendors all passionate about their field of expertise. Sadly, not all the vendors were at their stands when we passed by and we were left with having to be satisfied with looking at their stand and their brochures alone.

Most of the designers’ stands where inside and although we did not see a variety of sizes walking down the runway during the fashion show, we did see a variety of mannequin sizes with breath-taking wedding gown options for every size bride. We also had a chance to speak to the owner of Artifex Creative Photography while enjoying her neighbour, Cuppa Cakes by Michelle, delicious cake samples.

During the time we spent inside the venue we could hear the second fashion show for the day had started, more excited expo guests had filled the seats and where watching beauty unfold as we had done hours before.

After we spoke with the last wedding vendors inside we double checked that we had gone through the entire bridal expo, so insuring that we had in fact seen everything. We ended our day at a reasonable time with enough energy left for the drive home and while we were walking out there were still bridal couples just arriving at the expo.

Unlike other bridal expos we attended, this was a very good size expo when it came to the amount of wedding vendors exhibiting and the organisers’ layout of the stands made it easy to insure you spoke with everyone. There were not too many vendors that left us feeling overwhelmed nor was there a lack in the variety in each category of wedding vendors.

We would highly recommend the FAB Bridal Expo, especially for first time bridal expo guests. The organisers was on top of all the small details, leaving us submerged in a wedding wonderland and excited to see what their next bridal expo, Winelands Bridal Fair in August 2019, will hold.

Did you also attend the FAB Bridal Expo 2019, let us know what you thought about it in the comments below and follow us on social media to get notified when new articles are posted. If you wish to attend a bridal expo in a mystic valley in the Western Cape, South Africa head over to our Bridelise Breede Valley Bridal Expo at the Nuy Vally Guesthouse on 7 September 2019

Article Image Credit: Bridelise Photo of Cuppa-Cakes wedding display cakes at the FAB Bridal Expo 2019

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a sponsored article, Bridelise purchased the tickets. The organisers and/or wedding vendors exhibiting had NO creative input. The opinions in this article is just that, opinions, and should not by any means be the only reason why you do or do not attend a specific bridal expo. Always take more than one person’s opinion into confederation before making final decisions. Also, please remember that Bridelise as a team are in the proses of planning our Bridelise Breede Valley Bridal Expo at the Nuy Valley Guesthouse on 7 September 2019 and the opinions mentioned in this article may reflect our current state of mind.

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